'I'm a Freelancer: Marketing to the Right Crowd"


So you’ve decided to stake out and be on your own – welcome to the world of freelancing! Or perhaps you have been freelancing for awhile and would like to explore other ways you can scale your work to get a bigger outreach.

Whichever your scenario is, it will always work to have a well-structured plan to know what your next steps are. And we would like to help you achieve that.

Targeted at freelancers and just anyone keen on knowing more about what you should do with your marketing strategies, this talk is meant to give you the broader strokes of how you can still run a very successful marketing campaign even when you're low on funds – something we as freelancers are all familiar with.

Join us for an evening of exploration as we share our ideas on how you can still run an effective, yet inexpensive marketing campaign to help your product or service see the light it deserves. We promote the idea of T.I.M.E - a Targeted Integrated Marketing Ecosystem that ultimately helps you to inexpensively direct the right footfalls to you, whether it's your page, your site, your store, or just to you. Use our 3Cs (Complimentary, Collaborate, Communicate) strategy to know where to go and what to do as your next marketing move.

Apart from sharing some ideas, the hallmark of our session is that we encourage participants to bring with them their own unique circumstances and questions that we address on the spot. We believe the best value you can bring away with you is when you leave with some answers to what you can do.

All participants are entitled to a complimentary consultation after the event (to be arranged).


CONNVERGE is an integrated marketing agency that believes in being efficient and effective with our approach to marketing. This is embodied in our core strategy, the Targeted Integrated Marketing Ecosystem (T.I.M.E). We recognize the diversity of society today, and thus employ marketing strategies that will ensure we are able to reach as many of the targeted audience as possible. We also believe in giving back, and see helping the communities around us as an integral part of our mission. To date, we have worked with close to 40 freelancers and startups and clocked in almost 500 hours of consultations for our clients, with our clients coming from Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

You can find out more about us on our website or our Facebook Page.

Thu Aug 30, 2018
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM SGT
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High Street Centre #08-08, 1 North Bridge Road Singapore